"Anchoring" techniques

'Anchoring" is one of the many neuro-linguistic programming techniques developed by Professor John Grinder and his student, Richard Bandler, at the University of California, Santa Cruz back in the 1970s. These scientists discovered that emotions could become linked to physical actions or sensations. For example, if while you were in an intensely depressed mood, a number of people attempted to console you by squeezing your left shoulder, depression could be brought on months or even years later by the simple act of someone squeezing the same shoulder in the same way.
This is an unplanned anchor. However, you can also set an intentional anchor yourself. Maybe you recall the famous experiment of Dr. Pavlov. Dr. Pavlov rang a bell whenever he brought food to his dog. His dog, of course, would salivate. After awhile, Dr. Pavlov didn't need the food to get his dog to salivate. All he needed to do was to ring the bell. The emotion and sensations of hunger were nowr linked to the bell.
You can use anchoring on yourself to get any emotion you want on demand. Let's say you want to feel strong. Think of a time when you felt particularly strong in the past. In your mind's eye, review everything that occurred. See everything as it happened, hear the sounds, smell the smells . . . everything.
What you are trying to do is to get yourself in an intense state of the same emotion. As you feel yourself in this intense state, take some unique physical action such as squeezing your hand into a fist. That action is similar to Dr. Pavlov's action in ringing a bell.
As soon as you do this once, repeat the sequence. Keep repeating it. After awhile, you will have anchored the squeezing of your fist to the emotion of strength. Whenever you squeeze your fist, you will feel strong.
You can do this with any feeling you want to generate at that time: happiness, calmness, strength . . . whatever you want!
Of course, you must use a different "bell" for each different emotion. That is, pull different fingers, squeeze your wrist, and so on.
You can imagine how valuable a technique this is. Let's say that you get nervous during an interview. All you need to do is to take the action to initiate your anchor to feel calm.
Don't forget to pick something unique and different for each anchor. Otherwise, either you or someone else can accidentally trigger an emotion that you might not desire at that particular time.
If not triggered, some anchors will expire on their own over time. If you want to intentionally erase an unwanted anchor, trigger a stronger anchor to a different emotion simultaneously with the one you want to erase. The stronger anchor will erase the weaker one.

The Main Point- You can control your emotions. You can be as happy and positive as you want to be. And you can use these mental techniques to help you to get a great job fast. Your mind is the real foundation of any job campaign.