Using the body's chemical system to change your mental attitude

Norman Cousins explained how he saved his life through his own body's chemistry. Afterwards, Cousins, although not trained as a medical doctor, served as an adjunct professor at UCLA's School of Medicine. Speaking at California State University Los Angeles' graduation several years ago, he theorized that the human body contains its own drugs which can cause physiological, as well as psychological, change to cure any disease. These chemicals are released through specific psychological or physical stimulation that we don't fully understand yet.
One of the most powerful of these drugs are those classed as endorphins. Strenuous exercise can release endorphins. That is probably the explanation for the euphoria frequently experienced by joggers toward the end of a workout and known as a "runner's high." So maintaining a consistent exercise regime is one way of ensuring endorphins are in your bloodstream on a regular basis.
However, you don't need to exercise to release endorphins. Cousins was able to release endorphins while on his "deathbed" by securing a large quantity of video tapes starring his favorite comedians, "The Three Stooges," and playing them nonstop. At first, the going was tough. He found that six hours of belly laughs would release sufficient endorphins to allow him fifteen minutes of sleep. Slowly, the endorphins worked their magic and eventually he was able to get the sleep he needed for recovery.
I have helped train thousands of executives and students in seminars on how to release endorphins by a simple exercise. I ask the executives to stand, close their eyes, and allow their minds and bodies to relax.
I then ask them to imagine that when they return home that evening they will find a registered letter among their mail. The letter is from an attorney. The attorney explains that an uncle whom they never knew has passed away. This uncle was extremely wealthy. As a final gift to his long lost niece or nephew, he has left the sum of $1,000,000, tax free, which is enclosed. The only condition is that they must spend this money in any way they wish. They can buy a home or an expensive car. They can take a trip around the world, or buy a boat. They can give the money to their church, synagogue or a favorite charity. Or they can do some combination of these or other things.
I give the executives several minutes to imagine their good fortune and the wonderful things they can immediately do with this tax-free money. I then tell them that on the count of three I want them to open their eyes and within ten seconds tell two other executives of their good fortune and what they are going to do with the money. They are to do this in the most excited way they can. And why not, wouldn't you be excited if you had just been given a million dollars, tax-free to do anything you want with today?
You can actually feel the excitement building as i count slowly "one . . . two . . . THREE!" The room breaks out into a loud babble of noise. After ten seconds I stop these executives - not always easily I invite them to feel the endorphins coursing through their veins. All agree that they feel fantastic.
Now you can do the same exercise by yourself. Also, you don't have to imagine a rich uncle keeps leaving you one million dollars. You can imagine anything else that pleases you and makes you happy.
You might try this. Pick your dream. Sit back and daydream. Imagine you have achieved one or more of your dreams, whatever they are: financial, personal, job related or not. Think about what things will be like. Imagine enjoying your success. Really give yourself a squirt of endorphins. Dose yourself with a "dream session" daily. Many job hunters tell me they eventually achieve the great job they think about after releasing endorphins in this way. Remember, what we can conceive, we can achieve.

We want to say thanks to Tomas Jameson for this great article.