The postinterview phase of your job campaign

Writing the Follow-up Sales Letter

The follow-up sales letter is written and mailed within a day after the interview. Plan on spending several hours getting this letter just right. Unless you are one of the lucky job hunters who are deluged by interviews, you should have no problem getting an outstanding follow-up sales letter written and mailed promptly. Preparing the Special Resume
The special resume is generally prepared after the interview and can be mailed with the follow-up sales letter. In a few cases, generally if the PE must pay your travel expenses, you may have to send out a special resume before the interview. In this case, you will use techniques I will teach you elsewhere in the book to obtain all the intelligence you can about the position and to base your special resume on this information. It should take you no more than a couple of hours to prepare a special resume, since you have already assembled all the facts and materials you need at the beginning of your campaign.


Negotiations can take much longer than you might imagine. And you must always negotiate. This is especially true in large companies or companies that have several different executives involved in the decision-making process. As much as three weeks can elapse between the time that you and the hiring executive come to a meeting of the minds and the time that you receive an offer.