Your job plan is your road map to success

Once you have decided on the kind of job you want, you face the problem of getting from where you are now to the point where you accept the offer of a great job. If you were traveling to a place you had never been to before, you would get there most easily and most expeditiously by using a road map. In going from your present job (or unemployment) to the position of your choice, you will also use a road map. This road map is the campaign plan.
The campaign plan for job hunting will guide you to logical and effective courses of action, just as other types of plans guide you in reaching objectives on the job. The campaign plan for job hunting has been designed to enable you to get the job you want in the shortest possible time. Do not embark on a job campaign without first developing a plan as outlined in this article. If you do, you will remain on your job hunt longer and will limit the range of jobs available to you.

Any job campaign consists of three phases:

1. The preinterview phase
2. The interview phase
3. The postinterview phase

Note that the description of these phases clearly emphasizes the interview. This is done to focus on your real objective. Your first major objective is to get the interview. You won't get an offer until you do. Once you've been given the opportunity to interview, your next objective is to handle the interview successfully Successful interviewing means that you sell your prospective employer (PE) on hiring your services. This puts you in a position to get the job offer. Your final objective is to negotiate that offer successfully
Every campaign is different, reflecting different job objectives as well as different professional career goals. You must tailor your campaign to your particular situation. Your campaign plan is both a plan and an overview of the entire procedure.